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There is an ongoing demand of good pg in sector 62 noida and pg in sector 63 noida as both these sectors are close to prime business centres and Multinational company offices that employ a huge number of work force of IT professionals.
When it comes to living in rented accomdation generally there are two options paying guest house or an independent accomaodation
though both are good for working professionals but for students staying in a pg is more economical. Noida is one of Delhi NCR’s most urban area.

When it comes to comparison of cost of living in PG or an Independent House like accommodation PG is a much affordable and cheaper option. Since in a PG genrallt the room is shared with others. The rent of living in paying guest house is much more cheaper. Living in an independent accomadation one has to bear the whole rent solely.

Living in a PG is living a more social life as you live with other room mates and occupants with whom one can spend time and form a bond where as in independent living especially for students you are living all by yourself. Living in PG is like living with family members

Paying guest houses are also secure and safe for young girls and boys too as living with a group is always much safer than living alone..Also many good PG’s employ security guards and CCTV cameras too keeo an eye on intruders

Another big advantage of living in PG is that one does not needs to bother about the food. Since most PGs offer food to the occupants three times a day one does not have to worry about cooking food for getting food daily form outside. Also the cost of living and food is included with therefore its quite cheap and convenient. In Independent living one has to rely on maids and pay them extra for cooking. Plus the cost or raw materials required for food is another added expenditure.

Paying guest houses have facilties for electicity, water, Refrigerator, Ready made furuniture, geyser, cable TV and wifi facility which is a big plus point and one does not need to pay from own pocket for such facilities whereas in independent living all such expenses are beared by the tenant. Also if one is living in society maintence charges have to be paid by tenant only. 

Living in PG is a very good option. If you need privacy there are PG’s that have independent rooms too.